How to install/enable GUI on Debian VPS using VNC

Mostly VPS don't come with GUI, but what if you want GUI desktop and want to enable it in your hosted VPS.

How to : add Google translate gadget widget in your blog

Adding a Google transcript gadget in you blog page, to make your blog or site view-able in all languages.

How to display line numbers in vi/vim text editors

Displaying line numbers in vi / vim text editors can be very helpful for debugging code errors and to improve overall viewing of a program or a file.

Download Videos from youtube without any special tool or online free applications

Below are some very simple steps to get and download videos from YouTube. That too without using any Youtube video down-loader or any such thing.

Enabling PHP with Red5 open source Flash media server

Recently I was installing a Red5 media server. And to my surprise came across, that by default red5 installation doesn't support PHP.

Addon in Firefox to map your internet activities visually

There is a ' about:memory ' url many of us know. There's more about: URI scheme options in Firefox and came across an addon which adds an “about:me” URL.

Save Files and Images directly to Google Drive

An extension to save files directly to Google Drive in one click.

Imagine a Hard Drive extended for you from your computer within. This post talks about same using Google Drive as your extended hard disc.

Changing Default search engine in Firefox

This article is about searching you queries directly from the address bar. And this will search into the default search engine set for your browser displaying the results page for the default search engine.

How to add Line Numbers to Files in Linux/Unix

If your file is too lengthy, and it is a specific line you are interested  then you surely will like this commands to work with.