Creating a Bootable USB without any 3rd party software

I faced this recently and had to install OS on a laptop which did not have a DVD drive, and only had USB option available.

Linux command to list which ports are open and listening

Netstat is very useful utility for debugging network issues on linux.The following information can be obtained from netstat : route tables, ports open closed, interface details, Adress families as TCP, UDP & Unix domain sockets.

Commands and tools for Network debugging and troubleshooting

A list of  widely used commands for debugging and troubleshooting networks with very brief description.

Test your network speed using iperf

Iperf is an Open source network bandwidth testing application, available on Linux, Windows and Unix. Iperf can be used in two modes, client and server.

Testing RTMP streaming server - Stress testing using flazr

Flazr is a Java implementation of protocols such as RTMP used for multimedia streaming. The Flazr project includes a streaming media server and related utilities.

List of useful and most common commands used in ffmpeg

A list of mostly all of the ffmpeg commands that can be used in daily use for conversion, creating images, editing videos . Read the post below for more details.

Comparison between Zigbee and Wi-Fi

A difference table comparing zigbee and Wi-Fi. Detailed comparison between wifi and zigbee features wise.

Setting up a SSH tunnel

I faced this problem recently, when i had to monitor a service status on remote machine. I had a program in my local machine trying to access a remote port number. But unfortunately the port was blocked by the firewall.

Install mutiple Firefox versions in windows

Want to test multiple versions of Firefox without uninstalling the older versions, or without going through the process of installation and uninstallation.