Make your computer operate faster

This post on some tips that you should follow and use that will make your computer operate faster. Also help you decrease computer start up time. Following this tips will also help you in making some applications work and load faster than before. Just follow this steps towards a faster computing.
  1. Make your desktop as clean as possible. That is keep less shortcut icons on desktop. Instead of creating shortcut icons create a start menu entry of all programs and try to start any programs from there. This would surely increase your boot up speed.
  2. This is important, try to keep the drive that has Operating System installed in it as clean as possible. Only install necessary programs in this drive. This drive stores Files related to OS that are very critical and necessary. Also the remaining free space of this drive is used as Virtual Memory. So the more is free the fast is our computer.
  3. Use themes,screensavers and wallpapers that are small in size and take less time to load. These visual enhancements take more time on your computer  to load as they are bigger in size and need more memory during start up. So keeping it simple makes the difference. 
  4. If you are regular internet user, then consider using the “Clear Cache” function of your web browser, to clear temporary offline data saved by the browser – this clears up some considerate amount of temporary data. Also regularly clear browser history and cookies. 
  5. Keep your anti virus updated. Virus, Worms and Malwares can also be the cause of your computer running slower than usual, that is because worms duplicate themselves and fill your disk with useless, corrupt data and also occupy a large amount of your available memory. 
  6. Clear %temp% and %tmp% folders of your PC every day. This folder contains temporary files or cache which you can delete without even looking the content, this will also free up some up of your space. 
  7. A utility named Disk Cleanup comes already installed with windows use it regularly.
  8. Avoid using free disk clean up utilities available online as there are already tools present in your PC to do this. the utilities available may surely help you to gain some more disk space and speed but most of this can be done manually. So this software only use up your space. 
  9. After installing any program, they take up some space on your disk, also on your registry. I suggest not installing any program which you consider ‘use and throw’ because even after uninstalling them, some of their remains still linger on your PC, which also affects your PC performance. 
  10. Also check for the contents of ‘Recent Folder’ , try to keep it always empty to gain more space. This folder contains shortcuts to your recently accessed documents and programs.
  11. To speed up the boot time, disable any useless start up programs from MSConfig utility. 
  12. Always keep your recycle bin empty.
  13. TeraCopy is one of the best programs to speed up file copying. I personally prefer using this program. 
  14. Using external DNS servers such as OpenDNS, boosts your internet speed up to some extent. 
  15. Select “Adjust for best performance” setting on the Performance tab in System Properties.
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